Tell Congress: End NIH Monkey Experiments!

The NIH wastes hundreds of millions of tax dollars each year to abuse primates in ineffective experiments.

- Why It Matters -

Even though the National Institutes of Health (NIH) admits that 95% of animal tests fail to translate to humans, it continues to waste hundreds of millions of tax dollars each year on cruel and ineffective experiments on monkeys, baboons, and other primates.


As White Coat Waste Project has exposed, the NIH’s use of primates in maximum pain tests has increased by 370% in recent years. The NIH’s current primate tests include destroying areas of monkeys’ brains so that they can no longer recognize faces, addicting baby monkeys to alcohol, and exposing them to the Ebola virus.


In 2015, the NIH cut funding for all chimpanzee experimentation after it was deemed "unnecessary" and wasteful. Sadly, the agency’s taxpayer-funded testing on other primates has continued.

Now, help us end all NIH primate abuse.
Tell Congress to de-fund wasteful and cruel NIH primate experimentation!