Tell Congress: Pass the FACT Act!

The FACT Act (HR 249) will increase transparency about efforts to reduce wasteful government animal tests.

- Why It Matters -

Federal agencies admit that using animal testing to assess the safety of chemicals and other compounds is slow, expensive and inaccurate compared to high-tech alternatives.


Yet, the government is still spending tens of millions of your tax dollars each year for wasteful tests that entail force-feeding animals enormous doses of substances including cosmetics, herbal supplements sold for sexual dysfunction and "homemade abortions" and even blasting animals with cell phone radiation.


There is an important federal program responsible for promoting high-tech, cost-efficient alternatives to this wasteful animal testing, but it is nearly impossible to assess its effectiveness.

Tell Congress to support the Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing (FACT) Act (HR 249) to increase transparency and accountability about efforts to reduce wasteful government animal tests!